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Nature in its purest form:

the jungle.

I've traveled through the Amazon rainforest, slept in a hammock in the middle of the jungle, visited a local community and floated on the small tributaries of the Amazon. We caught small alligators, visited the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life and sat around the fire with locals. Beneath the canopy of leaves and an incredible night won't believe how many stars you can see there. I gained an even greater connection to nature and a clearer understanding of its power, it was overwhelming to see the magnitude and diversity of everything. Local legends inspired my paintings as did actual places I visited. The series became a mix of realistic and dreamy paintings to show the beauty of nature and my love for it.

2023_02_23_R5_Lisa_47 copy.jpg



Questions about available paintings or commissions?
Feel free to text me.

Thanks very much!

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